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Hitchhiking at Cascade

Chris Horner picks up a hitchhiker at Cascade.

VeloNews | How Chris Horner is spending July

Photographer Heidi Swift was near the summit of the final climb of Saturday’s fifth stage of the Cascade Cycling Classic when a passing race moto driver told her to get her camera ready.

Soon enough, Swift saw a strange sight: Astana rider Chris Horner pounding along, with a rider — and bike — along for the ride.

Swift learned later that Horner came across Billy Demong (Team American R.A.D.D./AGEL) about 2km from the summit. Horner, his work helping teammate Levi Leipheimer over, offered Demong a ride.

“I wasn’t really a huge Horner fan before this but I am now. What a class act,” Swift said.

Horner, by the way, still finished 82nd on the stage, nine minutes behind winner Moises Aldape, who won the stage. Results show Demond credited with the same time, in 83rd.


2 thoughts on “Hitchhiking at Cascade

  1. We always knew the HORNer liked to give his fellow men a Pump, it’s apparent he’s a “bottom” too.

  2. I have to say that I’ve always had the “respect him but don’t much care for him” attitude myself until I saw this as well. It was one of those ” I wish I’d done that!” moments for sure.
    Yes,the Horn-Dogg’s stock went up in my book.

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