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Ridin’ backwards in the heat

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It looks the same as so many others, but it’s not … I swear! I did the loop BACKWARDS today. So there. Nyah nyah nyah.

It was freakin’ hot, too. Saw Fastgrrrl and Dr. Clay (I think) out there coming south on 20th East as I was headed north. Good thing we were going opposite directions. Wouldn’t wanna get chicked, or grrrled, or bitched.

Stopped and refilled bottles at the new Christine Brimley Memorial water fountain at the south end of Foothill, by the YESCO building just before crossing Parley’s/I-80 to get back to Wasatch. Good, cool water … yum.

Now, for a Mexi-Coke and some squeaky cheese curds.

And then a shower.