Map of Holladay/Cotton Bottom/Wasatch/Parley's Trail/Millcreek

Crossed the new bridge across I-215 at the north end of Wasatch, right by the entrance to Parley’s Canyon … didn’t realize it dead-ended in gravel in the gully on Parley’s Trail … so did a little impromptu CX’ing on my Vittoria CX tubbies … thankfully no flats.

Ran into A-Train, the Tri-Geek and Lucy Nosebiter while climbing back out of the gully, so stopped and a bit of a chat, then promptly ran home so I could upload today’s ride into Motionbased as quickly as possible, because I’m a geek like that.

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Now … to get out of the chamois, then shower to wash off the salt, sweat, and stink … then figure out what I want to eat that will replenish calories in a good, healthy way, rather than ordering a pizza and stuffing my face.

And as always, the CarboRocket kept me well-hydrated and energized … I’ve gone for a few rides now just to have an excuse to drink it!