So after yesterday’s ride, I was pretty much wiped out in the evening … was thinking about going to bed about 9:00, when I get a tweet from the Reverend Big Ring, who was at the Bayou quaffing Chimay with his lovely fiancée Rachel, the Husla (who of course was not drinking), and a few other people.

The theme of the evening was to bring the bike. So I threw the fixie in the back of the Trooper and headed downtown … found parking a block or so away from the Bayou, and headed in for a couple Anchor Steams.

Eventually, a decision was made to head over to The Hotel Bar & Nightclub on 2nd South … so, hopped on two wheels, and rolled the few blocks north and west, and was confronted with one of the most insane situations I’ve seen in years … especially after The Rev and Rachel headed home.

At 42, I’m not used to the nightclub scene anymore … loud thumping beats, people trying to dress and look years younger than they actually are and just trying to get as trashed as they possibly can (and laid in the process).

On the other hand, I put myself into a situation that would normally having me freaking out with anxiety, by hanging out with a bunch of people I don’t know, especially once the the Husla and Rev both left. And I survived, albeit with very little sleep.