Reserving judgment

VeloNews | Rock Racing launches fund to help injured bike racers. Michael Ball, owner of the Rock Racing team, says he and his companies will contribute “hundreds of thousands” of dollars to launch a fund to help elite racers who seriously injured while racing. “Let’s do the right thing for these guys,” Ball told VeloNews. […]

Video Poetry (Always Edition)

BLINK-182 – ALWAYS I’ve been here before a few times And I’m quite aware we’re dying And your hands, they shake with goodbyes And I’ll take you back if you’d have me So here I am, I’m trying So here I am, are you ready? Come on let me hold you, touch you, feel you […]

Emigration completed …

View Larger Map Made it to the top of Emigration Canyon/Little Mountain for the first time this season … had to stop a few times to get my HR under control and catch my breath, but I made it to the top, which is all that’s really important. Had to take it easy on the […]

Ridin’ backwards in the heat

View Larger Map It looks the same as so many others, but it’s not … I swear! I did the loop BACKWARDS today. So there. Nyah nyah nyah. It was freakin’ hot, too. Saw Fastgrrrl and Dr. Clay (I think) out there coming south on 20th East as I was headed north. Good thing we […]

Poetry Friday

HEAT O wind, rend open the heat, cut apart the heat, rend it to tatters. Fruit cannot drop through this thick air— fruit cannot fall into heat that presses up and blunts the points of pears and rounds the grapes. Cut the heat— plough through it, turning it on either side of your path.   — […]

Study Shows Problems With Olympic-Style Tests

From the New York Times: Study Shows Problems With Olympic-Style Tests Although athletes have said EPO is in widespread use, few have tested positive. Most of the athletes who have been linked to doping in recent years have been caught not through drug testing, but rather through criminal investigations. In the August 2006 issue of […]