Map of Holladay/Cotton Bottom/Wasatch/Emigration/Sugarhouse/Millcreek

Longest ride of the season thus far for me … yeah, yeah, for most of you, this is nothing, but anyone who has been reading this blog over the last couple of years knows that I’ve been dealing with (unfortunately not very well) a lot of personal/emotional shit … so to me, the fact that I even made an attempt at Emigration, after going south into Cotton Bottom is an accomplishment.

Turned around after re-filling bottles at Ruth’s Diner, then dropped into Sugarhood for some Mexi-Coke and a banana at Liberty Heights Fresh, then took it as easy as I could on the way home down Highland, hoping that slight stabbing pain in the back of my thigh didn’t turn into a charlie-horse.

Still managed to just about double my biggest vertical day of the season thus far, as well as tacking on a few extra miles.

Home now, obviously, and about to jump in the shower to rinse off the salt. Then Advil. Then hydrate more, and a movie.

I hurt, but I feel good!