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Memorial Day

Right or wrong, remember those who have died for their country. Wars and deaths therein are an unfortunate fact of life and politics … regardless of whether or not you agree with a particular conflict, or the policies that led to it, the soldiers on the front lines deserve respect and honor.

American Soldiers killed in combat, 1775-2008:

Revolutionary War 1775-1783 25,324
War of 1812 1812-1815 2,260
Mexican-American War 1846-1848 13,283
Civil War (Union) 1861-1865 363,020
Civil War (Confederate) 1861-1865 199,110
Spanish-American War 1898-1898 2,893
Philippines War 1899-1902 4,273
World War I 1917-1918 116,708
World War II 1941-1945 408,306
Korean War 1950-1953 36,574
Vietnam Conflict 1964-1973 58,219
Persian Gulf War 1990-1991 382
Afghanistan 2001-present 507
Iraq War 2003-present 4,081
Total American War Dead: 1,234,940

Utahns killed during Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF/Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF):

OEF Smith, John D. CWO US Army West Valley Utah
OIF Cawley, James Wilford SSgt. USMC Rsrv. Roy Utah
OIF Livaudais, Nino Dugue SSgt. US Army Syracuse Utah
OIF Dalley, Nathan S. Capt. US Army Kaysville Utah
OIF Goldberg, David J. Sgt. USAR Layton Utah
OIF Allred, Michael J. LCpl. USMC Hyde Park Utah
OIF Machado-Olmos, Cesar F. LCpl. USMC Spanish Fork Utah
OEF Rogers, Alan L. SSgt. US ARNG Kearns Utah
OIF Smith, Matthew R. Cpl. USMC West Valley Utah
OIF Payne, Rocky D. Sgt. US Army Howell Utah
OIF Wood, Ronald T. SFC US ARNG Cedar City Utah
OIF Nelson, Lex S. Spc. US Army Salt Lake City Utah
OIF Boyce, Timothy R. Sgt. US Army North Salt Lake Utah
OIF Gourley, Gregson G. SSgt. US Army Salt Lake City Utah
OIF Galvez, Adam Anthony Cpl. USMC Salt Lake City Utah
OIF Dolan, Dan PFC US Army Roy Utah
OEF Lundell, Scott B. 2nd Lt. US ARNG Hurricane Utah
OIF Sieger, Eric R. Spc. US Army Layton Utah
OIF Parr, Brandon Allen Sgt. US Army West Valley Utah
OIF Stone, Douglas C. SFC USAR Taylorsville Utah
OIF Martinez, Virgil C. SSgt. US Army West Valley Utah
OIF Pursel, Michael A. Cpl. US Army Clinton Utah
OEF Blamires, Jesse Sgt. US Army South Jordan Utah
OIF Winder, Nathan L. SFC US Army Blanding Utah
OIF Barnes, Nathan S. Sgt. US Army American Fork Utah
OEF Herrera, Rocky H. SFC US Army Salt Lake City Utah
OEF Rougle, Larry I. SSgt. US Army West Jordan Utah
OEF Ammon, Jeffrey A. Lt. US Navy Orem Utah


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