A friend of mine told me today that “Confidence is sexy. Self-deprecation is not. Choose sexy.”

Life is about making choices … some are easy; but most are not.

That’s been my dilemma for most of my life … what choice to make. Most of the time, I get so paralyzed with fear that I make no choice at all, and I get stuck; mired in a funk of my own making.

And yet, I know that I have the capacity to make choices; strong choices, hard decisions. And generally they’ve been the right decisions. So why do I lack the confidence to continue to make choices? Why do I make fun of myself? Why do I put myself down? And why should I expect anyone else to care about me and want to hang out with me, which I don’t even want to hang out with myself?

Not all choices are easy … but in its own way, even indecision is a choice that people make … and much to my detriment, this seems to be the choice I make the most often.

Right now, I think I’m going to choose to go to bed … maybe my head will be a little more clear in the morning, and I can better articulate what I’m thinking and feeling right now.

Sleep well!