The best-laid plans …

Slept in a little bit, but still woke up relatively early this morning; around 7:30 am, planning on getting out for a bike ride this morning, then heading up to Heber for a post-Soldier Hollow shindig chez Mama T.

Didn’t happen.

I had a little bit of a headache when I woke up; figured it was just the allergies (as usual, lately), and popped a Claritin while going through my morning routine … coffee, an easy-on-the-tummy breakfast, checking email, shower, shave …

I’m starting to get my bottles of CarboRocket together, and my right eye starts twitching a little bit … oh, this is not good, but it’s still early. Grab the MigraStick, and start rolling its mixtures of peppermint and lavender oils on my right temple, and under my right eye. This usually helps kill a headache before it comes on fully … but not this morning.

Now a decision has to be made. Relpax, which works better, but is in short supply since my insurance company doesn’t like paying for it, or Maxalt? Hmmm … Relpax, because this feels like it’s going to be a bad one.

Decision made, I crawled back into bed; went another round with the Migrastick and draped the DreamTime aromatherapeutic eye pillow across my eyes, and went down for the count about 9:30 am. Woke up just about 4:00 or so this afternoon. Still feeling a little out of it, and that tell-tale throb in my right temple, but much better …

Migraines suck.

Wonder if I’ll be able to sleep tonight, having slept the day away today.

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  1. You’ll still get a second and third chance for my next parties. May have to wait until cross season though. Leaving for Europe for a five weeks this summer.

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