Torn asunder

Hillary's big mouthCNN Political Ticker: A clear rift in the party exists

(CNN) — West Virginia exit polls appear to show the prolonged Democratic presidential race has produced a clear rift in the party, at least for now.

We asked supporters of both candidates whether they would be satisfied if the other candidate won the nomination. A large majority of both candidates’ supporters said they would not: only 38 percent of Obama supporters said they would be satisfied if Clinton won, and only 25 percent of Clinton backers said they’d be satisfied if Barack Obama was the nominee.

Translation: There’s a lot of reconciliation to be taken care of.

Thank you, Senator Clinton! Thank you for tearing the party apart. Thank you for making it more difficult for Barack Obama (who will be the nominee) to win the election. Thank you for practically handing the keys to the White House to John McCain. Thank you for being an agent for stagnation, rather than allowing the next generation to really try and turn this nation around. Thank you for not being able to keep your mouth shut and bowing out of the race gracefully.