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Divorce-induced insomnia

You know what sucks the most about not being married anymore, aside from not being able to see what was (and may still be) my best friend everyday?

Going to bed alone.

Not because of sex, but just having someone there … it’s very comforting. I don’t think I’ve had a really good night’s sleep since August or September 2006; at least not one that wasn’t drug-induced.

I think I miss that more than anything else.


4 thoughts on “Divorce-induced insomnia

  1. Dogs – they are the answer…if all you require is a warm body they are the most wonderful bed fellows! And they don’t snore :)

  2. But dogs fart, which is much worse than snoring. And they don’t leave the room first.

    Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to have animals in my condo … there’s no way I could get away with dogs. I’m thinking about sneaking in a cat though.

    I miss the sex, too, though … and neither cats nor dogs can give me companionship AND sex.

    At least, not without committing really disgusting felonies, which I’m extremely disinclined to do.

  3. They only fart if you feed them crap food. My dog’s eat good quality food which doesn’t mess w/ their digestive systems. (Sergei’s breath on the other hand is a different story – yikes!)

    A cat is the solution then!

    As for the sex, well, not sure where to steer you for that…sorry. And I’m sure the animals surrounding you are most grateful that you have decided against the ‘disgusting felonies’ :)

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