Divorce-induced insomnia

You know what sucks the most about not being married anymore, aside from not being able to see what was (and may still be) my best friend everyday? Going to bed alone. Not because of sex, but just having someone there … it’s very comforting. I don’t think I’ve had a really good night’s sleep […]

Torn asunder

CNN Political Ticker: A clear rift in the party exists (CNN) — West Virginia exit polls appear to show the prolonged Democratic presidential race has produced a clear rift in the party, at least for now. We asked supporters of both candidates whether they would be satisfied if the other candidate won the nomination. A […]

Video Poetry (Hillary Clinton Edition)

ANTI-FLAG – TURNCOAT TURNCOAT! KILLER! LIAR! THIEF! Criminal with protection of the law! Go! State’s lies dressed up as evening news, We’re tired of lies we want the truth. Broadcast by corpses courting you, We’re tired of lies we want the truth. Most people they will never know, We’re tired of lies we want the […]

Good news in Mississippi

While Hillary Clinton crows about her victory in an essentially uncontested primary in West Virginia, better news for the Party comes out of a Republican stronghold in Mississippi. Dem beats Republican in a race that may predict November – CNN.com (CNN) — Based on early returns, CNN projects that Democrat Travis Childers defeated Republican Greg […]