Clinton focuses on West Virginia; Obama, on future

Barack ObamaWASHINGTON (CNN) — The outcome of West Virginia’s primary Tuesday may best be foretold by where Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama plan to spend the day.

Clinton is expected to be in Charleston, West Virginia, to celebrate what should be her large victory.

Obama has no plans Tuesday night, but he is spending the late afternoon at a campaign event in Missouri. That state has already voted this primary season but is considered a swing state that Democrats and Republicans have in their sights this November.

Clinton, it seems, is concentrating on the present; Obama is looking to the future.

In other words, Hillary Clinton is still tilting at windmills, and Barack Obama is keeping his eye on the prize … Barack Obama will be the nominee; there’s really no doubt about that anymore, failing an October surprise in May (or June).

One good thing I can say about the nomination fight: Senator Clinton once said something along the lines of “I’ve been vetted . . . There are no surprises.” Well, I guess one could say that by using Republican-style negative campaign tactics, the Clinton campaign has ensured that Barack Obama is now vetted as well.

Always looking forward.