Zone 5+++

So what does it mean when you spend about 65% of your ride at 90% MaxHR or higher?

Map of Holladay/Cotton Bottom/Wasatch/33rd South

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  1. It might mean you need to reassess where you have set your HR Zones.

    I had a little testing session and my coach/trainer pushed my HR Zones significantly higher. Zone 5 for me now is about 185 and above.

  2. Be interesting to have MaxHR zones set higher than where they are now, when I’m so out of shape, my HR skyrockets with a minimal amount of effort.

    When I left my condo yesterday to start my ride, I was at 113 … it didn’t take much to get it above 160, even on flat ground … 160 is 89.4% MHR.

    I currently have my zones set based on an average of all the different formulae … the results ranged from 176 to 181 … when I averaged the results of each formula, I came up with 178.6, so I set my MHR to 179 … one beat higher than 220-age, by the way.

    I do know that I’ve hit 181-182 over the past couple of weeks, and when I do I feel like I’m about to die, I’m gasping so much for breath. This has generally happened on the last bit of the climb from the Old Mill up to Porcupine.

    I really think it just means I’m fat and out of shape, and that as I lose some weight and get fitter, then I’ll start spending more time in lower zones.

    And maybe then I’ll considering paying for tests to make better determinations.

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