From the Washington Post:

Joe Andrew Jumps from Clinton to Obama

Former Democratic Party leader Joe Andrew announced he is switching sides in the primary battle, from longtime ally Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to Sen. Barack Obama.

Andrew’s announcement came without warning to either candidate. The Indiana superdelegate released a long letter this morning explaining his decision, while anticipating Clinton “attack dogs” would seek their revenge.

“You can be for someone without being against someone else,” Andrew stressed in the letter, using italics for emphasis. “You can unite behind a candidate and a vision for America without rejecting another candidate and their vision, because in real life, opposed to party politics, we Democrats are on the same side.”

But as the contest drags on, he added, “it is clear that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to continue” a Democratic battle that threatens to strengthen the presumptive GOP nominee, Sen. John McCain. He said he would use his influence within the party to press uncommitted superdelegates to sign on with Obama as soon as possible. Speaking to reporters by conference call, Andrew said, “We need to try to stop this process now.”

And, of course, Andrew is right about the Clinton “attack dogs” coming out, in a response letter from several other former DNC officials released this morning:

More than 30 million Americans have already cast a ballot in our Party’s nomination contest and millions more will go to the polls between now and June 3. The record numbers of Americans who are registering and coming out to vote reflect the excitement about our candidates and the strength that our nominee will have behind him or her in the fall. The primary process will make our nominee stronger and better prepared to take on John McCain. Our Party only gains from having more voters –- including more new voters -– all across our country.

We encourage you to continue to fully consider Hillary Clinton and the fact that she is qualified and accomplished. Too much is at stake for us not to consider deeply the choice we must make for our Party and our country.

I’m trying to figure out how ripping the party apart, as the Clinton campaign continues to do on a daily basis will “make the nominee stronger and better prepared to take on John McCain” … the fact remains that over the past couple of months, both Hillary’s and Obama’s approval ratings have been dropping, and John McCain’s ratings have been improving.

The record number of new voters are young voters … voters who are overwhelmingly supporting Barack Obama. Do you really think they’ll stick around and vote for Hillary if they see the candidate who wins the popular vote, more delegates, and more states (including states which traditionally go Republican) NOT get the nomination?

Republican voters in states like Idaho, Wyoming and Utah will never vote for Hillary Clinton. These same voters may well cross party lines to vote for Barack Obama, because they see what the Republican party has done over the past 7+ years and they are ready for change as well … but if the choice is between Clinton and McCain, the vast majority of voters will stick to the traditional party lines … and the Republican party will carry these states yet again.

Barack Obama can turn more traditionally “red” states into swing states. Hillary Clinton cannot. And Obama would still carry the traditional “blue” states … and the traditional swing states would still be in play; there’s no real evidence that if they are leaning towards the Democratic party now that they’d change sides because Obama is the candidate.