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Was it a sign?

Map of Holladay

Not very impressive, I know, but the Garmin battery crapped out in Cotton Bottom … and since I felt like complete poop, I wondered if the GPS was telling me to stop and get a garlic burger.

I didn’t succumb to the urge, for two reasons … one, I was trying to get in something that resembled a reasonable ride, and two, with the way that my body reacts to garlic, I likely wouldn’t have made it home.

Continued climbing up to the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon, then dropped back down Wasatch to 6200 South, and home the same way I came … kind of a lollipop (or a cherry stem) to South Big Cottonwood Canyon to Wasatch to East Big Cottonwood Canyon.

No matter how you look at it, however, my lungs felt like they were going to burst. I doubt my heart rate ever dropped below 150. During that little 3 mile stretch that did get recorded, most of the time my HR was well above 160, and pushing 180, and it didn’t seem like it got any easier as I continued to climb up to the mouth of the canyon.

On the other hand, I tried CarboRocket today, and gotta say that the Kiwi-Lime is extremely yummy … the Mango may take a little time to get used to.

Even as bad as I felt, it was all in the lungs, not the legs … I definitely had the energy (just not the drive), and my stomach does seem to handle the Rocket better than any other carbo drink I’ve ever tried.