A minor miracle for Davis Phinney

Great interview in the Marin Independent-Journal today with Davis Phinney, 1984 Olympic cyclist, 2-time Tour de France stage winner, and America’s winningest cyclist.

Cycling in Marin: Champion cyclist regains control of his life in battle with Parkinson’s

IF you’re looking for minor miracles, look no further than Davis Phinney.

For most of the past three weeks, this champion cyclist, a guy who has won 328 races in his life, including two stages of the Tour de France, has been sitting in Tiburon. And waiting. Waiting for a small miracle.

On Friday, that miracle arrived.

At age 48, Phinney has been in an eight-year fight for his life. He has Parkinson’s, the insidious disease that causes uncontrollable quaking and shaking.

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Bob Cullinan, who wrote the article, is also the guy behind CycleTo.com.

Video excerpts from the interview are available as well.

And then go donate to the Davis Phinney Foundation, to help the fight against Parkinson’s Disease. That would be the Big Ring thing to do.