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(Crack) Rock in Georgia

VeloNews | 2008 Tour de Georgia

Rock Racing gets in

Domestic team Rock Racing was not originally invited and had threatened take race organizer Medalist Sports to court over a disputed verbal invitation, but was given Saunier Duval’s team slot Tuesday. With that settlement, Rock has signed on as a founding sponsor of the Tour de Georgia — the event’s highest sponsorship level.

“My commitment to cycling is long-term and I am proud to support this world-class race which has featured such winners as Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis,” Rock team owner Michael Ball said. “As a tribute to the state of Georgia and to the rich tradition of this race, we plan something special for the final stage, so stay tuned.”

Hmm … sponsorship? Or bribery (on Rock Racing’s part) / extortion (on Medalist Sports’ part)? The timing of this sponsorship announcement is awfully suspect … making it seem as though the sponsorship is part of the agreement to let Rock race … a nice little quid pro quo.

The exchange of money does not make either the team OR the organizers look good.

3 Comments on "(Crack) Rock in Georgia"

  1. Clark Swanson | 19 April 2008 at 02:48:24 |

    How do think the Marco Polo/GE got their invite ?
    GE major sponsor for TOG !!
    Good enough for GE, should be good enough for R&R.
    Hell if it keeps TOG going, more power to them.

  2. Maybe so … but I don’t like pay-for-play …

    In the music/radio industry, it’s illegal.

  3. I think you’re quite right. Bribery/extortion or pay for play. I think it’s what happened.

    A little greasing of the palms to get what’s wanted.

    In the end everyone’s happy
    /fighting back gag reflex

    the ‘freaky’ part is Rock might have the guns to make for some very interesting stages.

    I honestly am looking forward to Ball’s boys racing the Tour of Utah — but I wonder who will be ‘freaked out’ more — him by Utahns or Utahns by him?

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