Live coverage, yet again

Paris-RoubaixEurosport’s early coverage was of the Portuguese GP leg of the MotoGP tour … so I went looking for other sources of either audio or video coverage, hoping not to have to pay for coverage of Paris Roubaix.

But, I couldn’t find anything … so l got out my credit card, and pointed my browser to Cycling.TV, and I’m not exactly sure what happened, but there was Paris-Roubaix … live, and free. It’s supposed to only be part of their Premium (or higher) packages, but somehow I managed to grab an unrestricted feed.

So that’s two of the Monuments of cycling that I’ve been able to watch live, for free, thus far this season.

We’ll see if my luck holds out in two weeks, for Liège-Bastogne-Liège, the next major Belgian classic (albeit in Wallonia, rather than Flanders).