Imperfection is Perfection

Imperfection is Perfection: A Film About Richard Sachs and his Bicycles For nine months in 2007, film maker Des Horsfield made a documentary about bicycle frame builder Richard Sachs. Horsfield’s film takes an intimate look into the life and mind of the bicycle frame builder as Richard Sachs talks about why he does what he […]

Poetry Friday (ink-stained fingers edition)

ADVENTURES IN INK Fountain pen,     an adventure in ink. Words drip from the nib’s caress ——— Strokes flow across the page,     swooping letters,         sweeping serifs. A poet composes,     filling the page         with images culled     from the mind’s         recess. Copyright © 2008, Steven L. Sheffield

Poetry Friday

THE FIRST POEM of the day will be calm and gentle, a stumbling, messy easing in, fingers gently on the typer, becoming familiar with the shape of the keys, the sound of the hammer and the form of the letters, it will be a chance to breathe, to gather some momentum, to look at the […]