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Update (about 7 hours later): Sometimes, happy hour is a necessity … and the past couple of days at work definitely helped contribute to that feeling.

Met the Mistress and pal Scotty at Tuscany in Cotton Bottom for yummy vodka cocktails (007 Martini for Scotty; and Belvedere & tonic, short glass, packed with ice, two limes and a sidecar for me), then a lovely Enrico Santini Poggio Al Moro Bolgheri 2005 with dinner (hearth cooked flatbread with smoked salmon and caviar for me). Scotty’s risotto was missing something; it was tasty, but needed something … couldn’t place if it was texture or flavor, but while really quite tasty, it just lacked that extra oompf to make it a truly wonderful risotto.

And now I am tired, fairly well fed, had some good drinks and excellent conversation, and I can put my week to bed and forget about the less than wonderful parts.


One thought on “Necessities!

  1. Housemartins huh? Haven’t heard that in awhile! Super fun last night!

    Scrabble and getting plowed on wine is next on the agenda. X-rated Scrabble only. Bring your A game.

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