Last week I posted an entry supporting a boycott of the opening ceremony at the Olympic Games. Thor Hushovd listened. Okay, maybe not to me, but the idea is taking hold amongst athletes.

VeloNews | Hushovd considers opening ceremony boycott

Crédit Agricole’s ace sprinter Thor Hushovd says he is prepared to boycott the opening ceremony to the Beijing Olympics in August to protest Chinese repression in Tibet.

“We sports people do not have any particular responsibility to take a stance over what is happening in China,” he told Norway’s Faedrelandsvennen newspaper.

“But all the same we can have some influence by snubbing the opening ceremony in Beijing. That would be a valid form of protest and I am prepared to do it,” Hushovd said. “However, from there to boycotting the Games entirely is a huge step.”

Now, in my world, this is a huge thing … but in the grand scheme, cycling is not a major sport, at least not in the United States; as evidenced by the slim amount of television coverage it gets from NBC; and as Hushovd is a Norwegian, it’s likely to make little impact. But if Hushovd’s decision can start affecting other cyclists from other nations, and if those nations’ cyclists can inspire their compatriots participating in other sports, then maybe, just maybe the impact can be felt.

We need more athletes to step up and speak. In the United States, it will take a vocal stand by the stars of Swimming, Track & Field, and Gymnastics. Unfortunately, I don’t know who they are … is Amanda Beard still swimming?