… I need to take a page from Big Jonny’s book over at DrunkCyclist.com, and start posting porn on my blog. Either that or celebrity sex stuff.

Already the posts which gets the most traffic are a post from this past November indicating that curvier women are smarter (and my attraction to same) which features a vintage photo of a woman’s naked behind, and my celebrity sex list, with a nice photo of a fully clothed Cate Blanchett.

Then, earlier this week, I posted a video from the New Pornographers, and boom … another traffic spike. I still haven’t figured out what search words people are using to find these pages either, because even entering very specific search terms like “Cate Blanchett celebrity sex list” puts me well down the second page of results. I mean, my site is hardly search engine optimized for celebrity porn.

But such is life. It brings me some traffic, and perhaps some of the people who hit the site like it enough to keep coming back and my readership slowly grows. And that can’t be a bad thing.