No Crack in Georgia!

VeloNews | No Rock Racing for Tour de Georgia

Organizers on Thursday announced the 15, 8-rider teams that will compete in next month’s Tour de Georgia.

A total of 120 professional cyclists will compete in the 600-mile, seven-day event to be held April 21-27.

The final field:

  • Astana
  • CSC
  • Gerolsteiner
  • High Road
  • Saunier Duval-Scott
  • BMC
  • Slipstream-Chipotle
  • Symmetrics
  • Bissell
  • GE-Marco Polo
  • Health Net-Maxxis
  • Jelly Belly
  • Jittery Joe’s
  • Team Type 1
  • Toyota-United

“This is not only the most international field we have had at Georgia, but one of the most elite as well. Usually you only see names like Hincapie, Zabriskie, Leipheimer and Millar at the Grand Tours. Now you will see them at the Tour de Georgia presented by AT&T. We have many teams from across the U.S. and Europe that we just could not accommodate,” said Jim Birrell, managing partner of Medalist Sports and race director for the Tour de Georgia.

So Michael Ball, and his (Crack) Rock Racing Team don’t get a ride in Georgia … getting closer and closer to my predicted implosion every day.

No Tyler Hamilton, no Santiago Botero, and no Oscar Sevilla. Instead, these riders get to line up and race major races like the Los Angeles Circuit Race, against such well-known, top-level pros like Mark-Paul Gosselaar (of TV’s Saved By The Bell fame), as Tyler Hamilton did this past weekend.

Gosselaar finished 7th, by the way, which is not a knock on his ability to race a bicycle, but he’s certainly not on the level of guys coming out of Utah like T-Bird or Jeff Louder, much less Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie, or any of the Euro-Pros.


  1. Screech & Slater ain’t cyclists … and I wasn’t hatin’ on the Zackster … just saying he’s not up there with Georgie, et al.

    Even without the dope, Tyler Hamilton pushing it in a non-UCI ranked race against MPG is like Michael Schumacher bringing the Ferrari to race at RMR.

    It’s bush-league.

  2. I’m just teasing you on the Zack love/hate thing.

    I think it’s way cool that he is now a ‘big time’ cyclist who likes to mix it up with the pros. I can only hope to be half the cyclist he is when I grow up. Oh, wait. That would be about 15 years too late.

    Rock or no rock, I think it’s great to see the TdF with such a loaded field.

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