Another crack in (Crack) Rock Racing’s armor? Or just Cipollini being Cipollini?

VeloNews | No more Rock, no more rolling for Cipollini

Mario Cipollini’s relationship with the American team Rock Racing has ended, and the Italian is quashing rumors that he might jump into this weekend’s Milan-San Remo for a different team.

“Unfortunately I’ve had to end my relationship with the American Rock Racing team that started a few months ago,” the former world champion said Tuesday.

European papers had speculated that Cipollini would join the Tinkoff Credit Systems team for Milan-San Remo, but he said he was only interested in joining a team if he could be involved with its management and development.

“The idea of riding Milan-San Remo made sense if it was linked to a wider project of building and managing a new team and my return to racing was part of the project to create a dream team. Despite a contract, this hasn’t happened for reasons out of my control.”

Only 33 days until the Tour de Georgia starts … wonder if that race’s promoters will let Tyler Hamilton, Santiago Botero, and/or Oscar Sevilla race, or if they’re going to be stuck on the sidelines again. I’m still predicting a team implosion …