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Hillary Clinton – Republican?

So what does it mean when one of your supporters accuses you of campaigning like a Republican? With regards to Geraldine Ferraro’s recent comments about Barack Obama’s race (which I think were likely presented somewhat out-of-context originally):

Is a ‘Dump Hillary’ Movement Starting to Crystallize?

In a blistering “special comment” tacked on to his MSNBC show, host Keith Olbermann accused Mrs. Clinton of “now campaigning as if Barack Obama were the Democrat, and you were the Republican.” Mr. Olbermann didn’t mince words — he accused Clinton advisers of sending “Senator Clinton’s campaign back into the vocabulary of David Duke.” He tagged Team Clinton with “slowly killing the chances for any Democrat to become president” with its divisive campaign tactics.

While Ms. Ferraro’s words were certainly inartful, no one in their right mind believes they should be compared with the rhetoric of David Duke. The fact that former Clinton allies such as Mr. Olbermann are becoming so apoplectic is a sure sign that Mrs. Clinton is wearing out her welcome on the primary stage in many quarters.