Scenes from the swing scene at the Hi-Ball Lounge in San Francisco, late 1998 or early 1999. My then girlfriend, now ex-wife Kim shows up three times in dance sequences … she’s wearing the black suit with red top, dancing with the big guy in the blue bowling shirt (whose name I’m blanking) and just after with the guy in the jeans and grey button-down shirt (Randall) about one minute in … and again later on.

Kim … I always loved watching you dance; I wish I’d had the courage to continue to dance with you over the years. We may still have ended up where we did, but we would have had more fun along the way … I’m truly sorry we lost that so early.

I wonder what Johnny (John Boulland in the clip, but we always called him Johnny Swing) is up to these days. That boy sure poured some MEAN cocktails; his watermelon shots and mind erasers were deadly.