Magnitude 6.3 – NEVADA

Earthquake Details

  • Magnitude 6.3 earthquake near Wendover, NV
  • Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 14:16:05 UTC.
  • Location 41.076°N, 114.771°W

No damage at my place, but according to the news, there are reports of damage elsewhere in the valley … obviously, I would expect damage to be worse closer to the epicenter.

Thankfully, coming from San Francisco, and having survived the 1989 quake, I’m pretty jaded … it’s got to be pretty big, and pretty close to even phase me anymore. I also think that my condo’s location, which is actually on bedrock essentially on the base of Mt. Olympus, rather than on the valley floor, means that I experienced less shaking than would others on the sandy valley floor, which is actually the base of the ancient Lake Bonneville.