It’s a shaker!

Magnitude 6.3 – NEVADA

Earthquake Details

  • Magnitude 6.3 earthquake near Wendover, NV
  • Thursday, February 21, 2008 at 14:16:05 UTC.
  • Location 41.076°N, 114.771°W

No damage at my place, but according to the news, there are reports of damage elsewhere in the valley … obviously, I would expect damage to be worse closer to the epicenter.

Thankfully, coming from San Francisco, and having survived the 1989 quake, I’m pretty jaded … it’s got to be pretty big, and pretty close to even phase me anymore. I also think that my condo’s location, which is actually on bedrock essentially on the base of Mt. Olympus, rather than on the valley floor, means that I experienced less shaking than would others on the sandy valley floor, which is actually the base of the ancient Lake Bonneville.



  1. See? “It’s the big one Elizabeth I’m coming!” Not a big fan of the earth shifting under me…something close to not liking avalanches either, or even getting hit by slough on some steep chutes. Don’t have to worry about any of the former from where I’m at (yet) :)

  2. It’s not like they happen every day.

    Well … Actually they do, but most of the time they’re so small you can’t feel them.

    I’ve felt worse shaking from a semi driving by.

    So … Sanford & Son references?

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