Looks like the southern part of the valley has a new little service-oriented bike shop, owned and operated by veteran mechanic Alan Greenberg.

Alan was the first person I met when I moved to Utah back in January 2002.

I had visions of being a winter bike commuter … little did I know just how nasty the winters in Salt Lake can be for a cyclist, especially a cyclist from California who is used to being able to ride 365 days per year.

The day after I arrive, I’m reassembling my cyclocross bike in the living room of our apartment, and somehow shear one of the crank bolts. The only bike shop in the neighborhood was Canyon Sports, which tends to be more known as a ski rental shop (especially now that they’re out of the bike business completely). I call the shop and talk to Alan to see if he can do a bottom bracket swap same day … he tells me to bring the bike on down, and he’ll take care of it.

While we were talking we had this little exchange:

  • “Alan … I really appreciate you taking care of this and helping me out. In California, it was often customary for clients to tip a six-pack of beer when a shop helps them out of jam, but this is Utah … I’m not sure what’s appropriate.”
  • “Well … my last name is Greenberg.”
  • “Beer it is!

I stopped by the State Liquor Store across the street from the shop, and picked up a six-pack of good San Francisco Anchor Steam, and we’ve been friends ever since.

Alan’s new shop, Cottonwood Cyclery, is located in Cottonwood Heights, on Bengal Blvd., just a block or so east of the Cottonwood Rec Center … stop by, say “hello” and throw some business Alan’s way; and be sure to tell him that Steven sent you.