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Scribbling …

When it really comes down to it, what is the difference between a scribbler and a scribe?

As I’m sure many of my readers have noticed, I have a fascination with words … with reading them, with typing them, and with writing them … and what better way to write than with a really nice pen, preferably a fountain pen?

I recently picked up a pair of Waterman Harmonie pens; a fountain pen and a roller-ball pen … and I’ve owned another set of Waterman Le Man writing instruments with a Waterman “Ideal” leather case for several years, although all the pieces could use a little servicing … the set includes a fountain pen, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil … black lacquer with 23k gold trim and an 18k two-tone gold nib.

I believe these pieces to be from the mid-1980s … I’ve seen the fountain pen alone sell on eBay for anywhere from $150 to about $500 depending on condition; and some models made of metal for upwards of $1000.

And of course, with a good pen, one must need some good paper or a good journal in which to write; and what better than the world-famous Moleskine, used by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin?

Now I just need to stop reading the Grrrlie Chronicles, so I can convince myself that I actually am capable of putting words together again. Although, that’s not going to happen. Marit’s ability to tell a story is far too good to simply stop reading.

And since I want to get to Carnegie Hall, the only thing I can do is practice, practice, practice … keep writing, keep typing, and the words will come.