Cycling Utah

Officially officiating?

So tomorrow I get to spend one of my precious weekend days sitting in a conference room at a hotel in downtown Salt Lake City … and why, you might ask?

The Utah Cycling Association is holding their annual clinic for officials … if you want to become a licensed official in the sport of cycling, you must attend one of these events. Ellie G. has been suggesting for years that I get my license, pretty much ever since I started helping out at the UTCX series.

I think it’s just her way of getting out of doing the officiating next year, but we’ll see what happens.

So … I’ve renewed my USCF racing license (as a Cat 5 on the road and track, Cat 4 cyclocross [i.e. bottom of the barrel in all three disciplines]), and am pursuing a USA Cycling officials license.

The irony? I can’t stand much of what USA Cycling is about … with their focus on Elite racing, rather than growing the sport at the grassroots level; and their lack of support for their members who are obviously getting screwed by USADA … these are all things that need to change.

Now, do I think that my becoming more officially involved with the sport will help change all of that? No … probably not. But at least I will feel like I am doing my part to keep the sport going, if not growing.

I wonder if I can still refer to myself as the Chief Unofficial in non-sanctioned events …