I don’t get it …

There are definitely several things I don’t understand about the primaries and how the networks call the winners.

For example, in Nevada, everyone said that Hillary Clinton won the Democratic party caucuses … but Barack Obama walked away with more delegates. And right now, in New York, with a whopping 0% of the vote reported, CBS and CNN are declaring Clinton the winner.

Okay, so exit polls can give some idea of how the candidates are doing, but please … at least count the votes first!

And since, like the Electoral College, it doesn’t matter who wins the popular vote, but who has the most delegates at the convention, let’s not call anyone the winner until we start seeing delegate counts, not vote counts.

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  1. As one who works with some of these people, it’s the rush to be first that drives too many of them — especially in TV — rather than the rush to be right.

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