Stupor Bowl Sunday … (redux)

Oh well … Giants win.

Once again, the best part of the Super Bowl was the ads.

This one was my favorite:

But I’m guessing that either the Budweiser “Rocky” ad, or the Bridgestone “Squirrel” ad will win the various popularity contests.


  1. I’m not a Giants fan, but I am a Bill Bellichick non-fan — the guy is just so unlikeable — so it turned out well.

  2. luckily I have the flu and therefore was forced to sleep most of the day missing the super bowel. That add was great though, thanks
    oh and fyi the real deal flu not the “I feel sick it must be the flu”. I had the test.. influenza A … sorry , but this thing sucks and there’s nothing worse than a downplay or self diagnosis of something this bad…..

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