Get your minds out of the gutter … I mean a real massage … deep tissue type stuff, to work the stiffness out of my legs, the knots out of my neck and right shoulder, and just to loosen up my low back.

Went skiing today at Solitude, as usual … had a good day; left the pack and camera in the Trooper, and just concentrated on making turns, mostly on the groomers, although I did venture into Honeycomb Canyon, since I always have to get at least one HC run in. Took the traverse out, and dropped through the trees between Black Bess and Voltaire, before taking Woodlawn the rest of the way down to Honeycomb return.

It was a lot colder than I was expecting, considering there’s a storm coming in … the sun never broke out, and the wind was fairly high. I was definitely underdressed for the first few runs, but eventually settled in, and had a good afternoon of it.

Then Wild Oats to pick up some lunch/dinner, then home to laundry … and all to get ready for an epic snow day tomorrow.