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(Crack) Rock & Republic

Check this out … looks like someone at Rock & Republic is checking out what people have to say about the team …

From my stats:

Domain Name: ? (Commercial)
IP Address: 63.139.109.# (ROCK & REPUBLIC ENTERPRISES)
ISP: PaeTec Communications

Continent  :  North America
Country  :  United States
State   :  California
City   :  Culver City
Lat/Long  :  34.0202, -118.3928
Distance  :  584 miles

The Google search that brought this person to the site was for “Santiago Botero race wins”, linking to my Dopers-R-Us post … and I’m the last entry on the first page of results … so it’s not like it was a purely random click.

Well, Michael; we still don’t need another squad of dopers out there … I’m still predicting a team implosion by the end of the Tour of Georgia.


4 thoughts on “(Crack) Rock & Republic

  1. Hey, if their kit sponsor bails out on them, he can always just stitch some padding into a pair of cutoff $300 jeans.

    That’d be sweet.

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