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Busy day …

Up early this morning with a hangover, and headed up Big Cottonwood to Solitude … icky grey in the valley, and not much better up the canyon until about 12:30, when the sunshine finally broke through.

Today’s runs:

  1. 1,500 ft — Eagle Express I – down Sunshine Bowl to Main Street
  2. 1,600 ft — Powderhorn – down Diamond Lane to the Sunshine Grill, then down Hal’s Hollow
  3. 1,500 ft — Eagle Express I – down Sundancer
  4. 1,500 ft — Eagle Express II – down Sunshine Bowl to Same Street to Lower Tude-Dudes
  5.   675 ft — Moonbeam – Straight down Main Street
  6.   810 ft — Sunrise – Summit Access
  7. 1,235 ft — Summit – Backdoor towards Sol/Bright, then down Corner Chute to Dynamite
  8. 1,235 ft — Summit – along the traverse to either Black Bess or Voltaire (not exactly sure which, just that it was steep, it was deep, and I was hoping it didn’t break free), then down Woodlawn
  9.   860 ft — Honeycomb Return – Sundancer to Post Card to Home Run and back to the car.

Just under 11,000 feet of vertical (at least on the chairs).

No photos today worth uploading.

Then into the Firm’s new building in South Jordan to make sure that everything works okay … after much frustration, it seems like all will be okay, but we’ll find out for sure tomorrow when everything is under stress.

Then shopping. Then laundry. And shortly, to bed.