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The Tao of Me …

stevors55.jpgFastgrrrl’s crrrrent post reminds me that one should keep the following three things in mind when it comes to successful pursuits:

  1. Be desireless.
  2. Be excellent.
  3. Be gone.

At least according to the Tao of Steve … only problem is that I’m a pretty lousy Steve, which is probably why I go by Steven instead.

I’ve also been known to answer to Stevo, as e-RICHIE calls me, stamping it as part of the serial number on one of the two bikes he’s built me; and even Stevie, as The Mistress often calls me …

So if Steve McQueen is one of the three pillars of the Tao of Steve … is there a such thing as Steve-zen for the more esoteric amongst us?