Powdered Sugar



When you live in a ski town, nothing makes you salivate quite like freshly fallen snow … especially when it has the consistency of sweet, sweet sugar.

3 Replies to “Powdered Sugar

  1. Nice shots.

    Despite my life growing up in the winter wonderland that is Idaho and Utah, I’ve never been skiing. I had two reasons. 1) I was a poor kid. 2) I played basketball and skiing was against the rules.

    so, here I am, almost 40, living in the 801 and I’ve never strapped planks to my feet.


  2. It’s not too late … I skied twice (when I was a senior in high school, and a freshman in college) before I moved to Utah … and then took a 20-year break.

    So basically my first “full” season skiing was when I was 39 …

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