So when is the After Party?

The Last Call Cyclocross Race (and Utah Cyclocross Series Awards Party) were yesterday …

On a morning that looked like it was going to be another epic snow day in the valley, got up and headed down to Wheeler Farm to work the final Utah cyclocross race of the season. It was a day where almost everyone who showed up to race ended up on the podium … small, small fields, but everyone who did show had a blast slipping around in the mud and slush.

I just wish my pictures turned out, but alas, camera settings were wrong, and everything was underexposed and blurry.

Then on to the Williams Building up in Research Park for the Awards Party last night. 80s theme, and a lot of people turned out decked to the nines.

Me? I don’t do costumes, so I just pegged my jeans (also known as the tight-roll or fold-n-roll), like I did for about 20 years. Yep, I carried that look into the 21st century, and took no end of crap for it, until I finally decided that it was time to admit that I was an adult and started dressing semi-normally again. I’m a cyclist, so I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be accused of ever fully dressing “normal” …

Big props to A-Train; who squeaked out a close win in front of Bart “Slash” Gillespie in the men’s category for best 80s costume … that was some “dance” move there, pal.

More props to Jenn Allen, who ran away with the women’s category after breaking out “The Worm” … but in my book Fastgrrrl’s and the Mistress’s costumes were better. In Marit’s case, I’m sure that winning the Bart Gillespie Team Replica Cannondale X4 cyclocross frame in the raffle makes up for it …

Fox even had a beer … okay, okay, it was a Rare Vos (Flemish for “Sly Fox”), and he didn’t actually drink it, but it’s the closest I’ve seen.

Everyone seemed to have a blast except for one incident that caused a lot of stress for one particular individual. MG … I’m sorry I didn’t step-up a little more quickly … I have a tendency to try to avoid conflict, but I really hope you know that when it comes down to it, I’ve got your back … and I think things worked out in the end.

Thanks to Matt, Jon, Ellie, Gardie and Bruce for helping make this yet another fabulous season.

Thanks to Jennie for securing the facility for party, and dealing with the logistics with the caterer and security. Thanks to Rosie for the decorations.

Major thanks to the Doctor for the clinics at Sugarhouse Park … if any person can take credit for helping to grow the series here in Utah, you definitely deserve it. Enjoy the Ardberg, and if you feel like sharing, I know there are a few of us who’d love a taste.

But most of all, thanks to all the racers for coming out all season … I already can’t wait until next season.

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