Sometimes, all you need is a change of scenery. After a pretty crappy day yesterday, I almost bailed on going skiing today at all … but I woke up early (thanks to my work-week alarm settings), felt better than I did yesterday, and decided to take a crive up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Alta …

And I had an incredible day.

Not because the snow conditions were great (a lot of areas were skied-out); not because there weren’t a lot of people (I had to wait a good 10-minutes in every single lift-line, except my initial ride up Albion because everyone else was lining up for Sunnyside); and certainly not because I skied better than yesterday (although my legs did feel much better).

It was just a good day; I stuck with the blue runs most of the day, except for one jaunt down Extrovert … and I got a few great photos; or at least I think so.

Devil's Castle
Devil’s Castle

Mt. Superior
Mt. Superior

Even the birds dig the food at Alf’s