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Landis Interested Observer as USADA Loses Doping Appeal

Floyd Landis and his legal term are looking closely at a decision made Dec. 14 in an arbitration hearing brought by American sprinter LaTasha Jenkins against the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Jenkins had been sanctioned for using the anabolic steroid nandralone, but her appeal was successful.

The defeat was the first ever suffered by USADA, which had run its record to 36-0 in its previous case, the celebrated 2-1 arbitration decision this fall that allowed Landis to become the first champion in the 104-year history of the Tour de France to be stripped of his title.

The first arbitration defeat by the seven-year-old U.S. drug agency came when an arbitration panel ruled Jenkins’ positive doping test from a meet in Belgium in 2006 was flawed because the two European labs doing the testing violated international standards.

Perhaps, now that USADA has actually lost an arbitration due to sloppy lab work, they’ll be a little less gung-ho about pushing forward with other sanctions against riders when there is some semblance of doubt …

Once again, I’m reminded of Blackstone’s Formulation: it is “better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”