Totally spaced it …

Had to run in to the office for a couple of hours today; primarily for a meeting with some consultants about our IT department’s support structure … like many companies we outsource our tech support (not for clients, mind you, only for ourselves) to a company in Canada.

I guess our contract is going to be up soon, since the consultants were asking questions like what can be done to improve the experience, and so on and so forth. I told them that we need to either give the reps more access and insight into our core business and systems, or that we need to bring our tech support back in-house, so that there are people who are familiar with what we do handling the support.

Today was also “communication day” … actually, yesterday was officially communication day, but I didn’t want to go in yesterday, so I didn’t get mine until today. A 3% raise, plus a 2-weeks pay bonus … not great, but not bad … but definitely below what I’ve gotten used to receiving over the past few years, but considering how the market has done this year, and some of the problems I had early in the year while going through my divorce, househunting, and moving, part of me is truly grateful that I got anything at all.

Completely spaced my appointment with the crazy doctor, though. Got home, made dinner, ate, and then thought, “Oh shit!” and called her just after 6:00 (when I thought my appointment was). She called me back shortly after 7:00 … my appointment was at 5:00 today, instead of my usual 6:00.

Thankfully, she’s got an open slot tomorrow morning (which means a late start skiing), and I booked my early January appointment as well. No more evening appointments, she tells me … which means I’m going to have to start booking time during work to go see her … this will wreak a little havoc on my work schedule, but I’m not ready to give up the appointments. The last appointment of the day will be at 5:00; and I’m sure there will be a number of us angling for that slot.

We’ll see what happens when I talk to her about it more tomorrow.

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  1. It’s a good sign when you space a crazy doc appointment. Ski more and you won’t need one at all…you’ll be too tired to think! That’s my secret.

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