Saw a great movie yesterday about skinheads in England in the early 1980s, called “This is England” …

Highly recommended. The film focused on a young boy of 12, whose father was killed in the Falklands War in 1982. In the movie, Shaun (played by newcomer Thomas Turgoose), was being picked on by kids at his school … on the way home he was rescued by a small group of skinheads, who took him under their wing.

At first, this group of skins was more traditional, working-class, traditional skins, who grew out of the mod movement of the 1960s … while fighting was definitely a part of their ethos, the racist elements had yet to fully invade; this was a time when both white and black skinheads hung out together, and music was often more influenced by Motown R&B, ska and reggae than by punk rock. Think of the two-tone mod-ska movement of the early 1980s, but with Dr. Martens boots (also known as “Docs”) and red braces, instead of suits and Vespas.

But things change … and disaffected youth are easily influenced … and when the National Front came calling, a number of the group signed up, including young Shaun … until a tragic event opens his eyes.

See the movie; buy it, rent it from Netflix … just see it.