… another Utah cyclocross season in the bag, over and done.

And while I didn’t race much this year; I think I only did two of the ten races, I had a fabulous season (I’ve been using that word way too much lately), primarily because of the people I’ve met and befriended this year, and friendships & acquaintances renewed.

So thanks to Matt, Jon & Ellie, the Reverend, Julie, Dayna, Theresa, Jennie, Bob & Lyna, Chris & Kathy, Sly, Nancy, Bart, Ali, Art, Sager (for those two races he was here), the good Doctor and everyone else who has made the past couple of months such a joy.

And for those of you going to Kansas City for Nationals … show ’em that Utah produces some skills.

As Train would say, “Wake up, kick ass, repeat!”