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What a glorious first day of skiing today, at Solitude, as usual … after all the snow we’ve had over the past few days, it was bound to be epic (by my standards, anyway), and I wasn’t disappointed.

Most of the mountain was open, and I definitely tried to spend some time venturing off-piste to see if I remember what I learned last year about skiing powder.

Either I didn’t remember much, or I just am not ready for thigh-high powder.

Took the new K2 Comanche 5Com skis out for a shakedown as well; and man, are they stiff … these are definitely more ski than I am used to; this is going to take some time. After lunch I swapped out to my tried and true Salomon 1080s … while in general I’d say the 1080s don’t carve as well on the groomers, they’re forgiving enough that my tired legs were able to control them more easily than the K2s.

A selection of photos below … click them to see larger, and to see others on Flickr.





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  1. Hey Flahute,
    Sounds like an epic day. The picures are so beautiful. Makes me really long for the day I’ll get to start skiing again…Also, thanks for all you do/did at the X races this year. I appreciate you so very much!

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