Sittin’ in the Airport …

So I get to the aiport about 12:30 to catch my 2:30 flight to Columbus (changing planes at O’Hare), only to find out that American Airlines is having massive delays with flights coming in and out of Chicago (hmmm … why am I not surprised); and that there’s no way I’ll make my connecting flight.

So they rebook me on the directly flight from SLC to Columbus on Delta. This, of course, was the flight I wanted to take to begin with, but the tickets were “too expensive” for my company to pay for them.

So for once I’m actually grateful for delays; even though it does mean I get to sit in the airport for another couple of hours before I can get on my flight.

Ah well; at least I can get cocktails (and food, of course) at the lounge, and make the company pay for them!

I just hope I don’t run into similar “problems” on my way back on Friday, since I’ve got to get up early on Saturday morning for the final Utah Cyclocross race of the season up at Fort Buenaventura, in Ogden.

It’s hard to believe the season is almost over; it seems like just a couple weeks ago that it started … and for me, while I haven’t been racing much, this has been one of the best seasons ever.

I’ve met loads of fabulous new people who are just as addicted to the spectacle (and fun) of cyclocross; and think I’ve started to develop a few good friendships with people. I just hope that the relationships survive the end of the season, and that these people remain an integral part of my social circle, rather than just being “cyclocross friends” whom I only see for 10 weeks of the year.


  1. Kai and I will drink good wine with you any day. If you bring bad wine i will kick you out, kai will pee on your leg, and you will only see us 10 weeks out of the year….your choice.
    great picture of you by the way.

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