Once upon a time, I fancied myself as an aspiring photographer … in addition to the stuff that I currently have posted on Flickr, I used to shoot film at clubs in San Francisco.

Some of those photos can be seen here.

Black and white photos, primarily, generally at night, with very fast film, using only ambient lighting. I gave it up because it became too expensive to process all the film, and I never learned how to do my own developing (nor had the cash to set-up a darkroom).

For years, I’ve been wanting to get a Digital SLR, but the expense has been extremely difficult to justify, although prices are starting to come down. The 10.2MP Nikon D40x is available for about $700 with a basic 35-80mm lens, and for about $500-550 for a body only. Since my film camera is a Nikon, my lenses should be interchangeable.

Since I’m not a pro, I think the D40x would suit my purposes, but if there is anyone out there has more knowledge they could impart, I would love to get your insight.