Semi-official officiating …

Spent my first time this season doing the hard part officiating … actually writing down the numbers and keeping track of which lap riders are on, rather than just calling out the numbers.

The later races are easy, because of the smaller fields, but the first race … the men’s “C”, women’s “B” and 14-and-under Juniors race sucks. There are so many riders in that race this year, and the skill levels (and corresponding lap time disparities) between the quicker and slower riders means that sometimes you’ve got riders on several different laps.

I’ve been the only official before in years past, and at the Heber summer ‘cross, but the fields were so much smaller that it was relatively easy.

Today was an eye-opener.

Now, I need to find someone I can trust to help me out next week … someone with a keen eye who can see and call out all the numbers as riders come through the finish area; someone who won’t get distracted.

Chances of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday … hopefully, it will come soon, and will stick around.


  1. Steven

    Shoot me an email so I can send you the files you’ll need next weekend. I can’t find your email on my laptop.


  2. might help if it would be possible to do it on a trainer. you’re call plus others thoughts on warming up and counting numbers.

  3. I’d be happy with one race from everyone … the biggest problem will be the first race, which is the one that requires the most concentration … and you need to warm up properly if you’re gonna kick ass.

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