It’s a good thing I’m not planning on retiring anytime soon … with the way the markets have been moving the past few weeks, I’m only $195.00 “richer” than I was on January 1st … pretty much every dime I’ve put in, along with my company match is gone; altogether, about a 16% loss.

On the bright side, I’m now buying my company stock at an annual low … although, I’d rather be buying it at the significantly higher price at which it was trading a couple months ago.

The subprime mess is bad. I’m still surprised I managed to not only qualify for, but close a loan … and a prime loan at that. I’m especially glad I didn’t borrow as much as I qualified for so that I don’t have to worry too much about being able to make the payments.

But I’m guessing I won’t be flipping my place to upgrade anytime soon.

Utah Cyclocross state championships this weekend … I think we know who has last place in Masters 35+ B wrapped up; unless someone out there wants to challenge me for the slot.