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Quote of the Day

October the air smells of rain and is a perfect grey the sad old buildings lean against it a beauty you would have to see to understand today my sadness is bigger than Jesus but there is a joy even in this a quiet bar on Polk Street something to drink and a table by […]

Music Word Play

Video Poetry (the unlucky part)

RANCID – FALL BACK DOWN Don’t worry about me, I’m gonna make it alright Got my enemies cross-haired and in my sight I take a bad situation gonna make it right In the shadows of darkness I stand in the light You see it’s our style to keep it true I’ve had a bad year, […]


Blog blankness

Ever feel like you should post something to your blog, but you have nothing to say? Seriously … anything would be better than what I got right now. But no; here I sit, laptop in … well … my lap. Feet stretched out on the couch, bad sitcoms on the tube … make that really, […]